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Little Manitou are a global music project based in the UK, fusing Trip Hop, Acid Rock, Trance and Dance into live electronic music.
Brother and Sister duo, Surya and Neile have played music together for over 20 years ranging from Folk, Rock and Electronic. 


They were regulars on the open mic circuit from the moment they arrived in London in 1995.


Almost 10 years later, Dorna moved to London and eventually met Surya.  The electronic trio officially formed in 2012 and have been creating electronic music ever since.

LM Man.jpg

Manitou is a name used by Native American tribes to refer to the life force that is present in all beings, human and spirit. It is this energy that binds us together, balancing all elements of nature and life.


Without this balance we find ourselves disconnected from the world in which we exist, from fellow humans and spirits, like wandering souls, forever searching...


But if we look within we will find our own Manitou, connecting us to everyone and everything

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